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Benefits of Joining

Benefits of Joining

As a member of the CASE 250 Club, besides the feel good factor of supporting a great local charity, we believe there are 5 invaluable benefits that your business will receive in return!

1) Competitiveness – Research shows that when consumers are faced with a choice of which brand to purchase from, 82% of people base their decision on whether the company engages with its local community and charities or not. By joining the CASE 250 Club you’ll be showing your consumers how ethical you are – which will enrich your brand identity and help you stand out against competitors!

2) Networking Opportunities – As a member you’ll be invited to regular events with guest speakers that will cover a wide range of business topics to help aid your business. These events are an excellent opportunity to meet our old and new members in an informal setting to do business with.

3) Good Public Relations – The media and your consumers will begin to pick up on the activities you’re supporting within the local community, which will show you’re dedicated and committed to good causes which will enhance your reputation. Not only will this help competitiveness, but it will help attract the best staff to your company!

4) Happy Employees – Your employees will be proud to work for an organisation that supports local charities and causes! This will increase motivation, productivity, and even ensure you retain a loyal workforce.

5) Encouragement of Professional and Personal Development – By providing employees with opportunities to be involved in ethical activities outside the workplace, they can benefit from new skills that can be implemented in the workplace, such as team building for a fundraising event. Employees will also have the chance to contribute to a good cause they feel passionate about which can help enrich their own lives and encourage their own growth at work. 


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