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Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

The CASE Centre of Excellence provides unrivalled facilities and resources to local social enterprises offering employment, training and development opportunities to people with learning disabilities and provides a safe and comfortable environment that is purpose built to support the needs of people with learning disabilities.

This first class facility in the centre of the city of Hull is accessible both in its location as well as through the design of the building and various specialised resources and equipment. The learning needs of individuals are met by individualised work areas and careful zoning and cutting edge resources such as Smartboards in every room.

Within the building we have a commercial-style kitchen to provide a quality learning experience for trainees to learn catering skills. The canteen and cafeteria is run by trainees and serves homemade hot and cold meals and speciality beverages throughout the day with an emphasis on healthy choices.

Our experience and specialised understanding of learning disabilities, in addition to active consultation with service users and stakeholders, has enabled us to create environments which can accommodate the needs of people with various sensory, physical and learning disabilities whilst still being a stimulating, colourful and unique environment designed and developed by service users and knowledgeable staff.