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What Parents Say About CASE

The parents of trainees at CASE share their thoughts of what CASE means to them....

"Yvonne has been attending CASE since 2003 and she just loves it. Over the years, she has made so many friends and is very happy there. Yvonne is not able to travel around on her own and lacks independence, but CASE has given her a purpose. Every time she comes home, she brings back what she has made and proudly shows all of the family. Yvonne loves telling us about what she has been doing and she often talks about the new friends she has made. When Yvonne is at CASE, I have no worries.”

“As Olivia approached school leaving age I was genuinely scared about her future. With significant learning disability, due to a rare genetic disorder, I knew the time had come for her to live her life to the full rather than continue in any educational setting but didn’t know if I would find what I was looking for. I was given the opportunity to look around CASE and it blew my mind. The centre was buzzing with smiles, happiness and positivity, I knew immediately this was the place for her.”

“CASE gives Karen a sense of structure and purpose in life, and a reason to get up in the morning. Attending the centre has been really good for her self-esteem and she considers coming to CASE as going to work. I was worried sick about what Karen would do after leaving school and CASE was like a godsend.”

“The transition process was excellent at CASE. We were supported all the way by Mark in the welfare team. He even attended my daughter’s Annual Review of SEN at school.”

“My daughter has been at CASE now for 8 months now. I expected teething problems, but they never came! She absolutely loves it. She comes in smiling and bursting with excitement to tell me about her day – something which never happened when she was at school. She has diverse days at CASE, including gardening, cooking, drama, bowling and learning life and IT skills – the list is endless. She’s happy there and has made many friends. Most importantly for me, as a parent, she feels safe and secure.”

“CASE liaised with the school to arrange periods of transitional visits – Taster Days – giving Olivia the opportunity to try out as many departments as possible. This enabled CASE to plan an effective timetable for her before joining and communication throughout this process with myself was brilliant.”

“As a mum of a young adult with significant additional needs, I am humbled as to how CASE are investing their energy in my daughter to allow her to flourish. She’s living life to the full with all the support I could ask for. CASE is a wonderful place and one I would highly recommend.”