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Giving Tuesday 2019

27th November 2019

Giving Tuesday 2019

CASE is a local charity based in Hull city centre that supports people with learning disabilities across the region to do the things that many of us take for granted.

We know that the people we support can have significant challenges in their lives. They tell us about loneliness, their health and wellbeing, discrimination, hate crime plus all the things they want to do in their lives and much more.

From young people wanting to start their journey in life, learning new skills and looking for employment or learning to live independently, through to older people who may require extra support, live alone and their families are no longer around.

We know how important a little help can be and the impact it can have on each person.

So, we would like to ask you and your business to pledge your support during CASE’s 35th anniversary in 2020

Your pledge to support could be from volunteering your time or raising money via a dress down day in the office for example through to organising a fundraising event or making CASE your charity of the year.

Today we would like to ask you pledge to do at least 1 thing during 2020, you don't event have to decide what you want to do now, but please pledge today

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