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Maths & English Classes for Adults with Learning Disabilities

20th April 2022

A sneak peek into what our maths & English classes for adults with learning disabilities look like – and what we get up to!

It is important that adults with learning disabilities continue to build their skills in core subjects like mathematics and English – far beyond their school years! Everyday tasks like counting money out to pay for lunch and sending a text to say “I’m home safe” are easy for most of us come adulthood, but if you’re living with a learning disability – those skills take far longer to master. This week, we are giving you a sneak peek of what our maths & English classes for adults with learning disabilities look like. It’s not all hard work… we have fun, too! Please view our image galleries below to get a better idea of what we get up to. 

Maths, led by Rachel & Debs

  • Additions using `number lines`
  • Maths Jenga 
  • Tarsia puzzles – the jigsaw of maths! 
  • Using information to produce tally charts and graphs
  • Valentine’s Day maths – i.e. three hearts + four hearts = x

English, led by Rachel & Allison

  • How to construct and expand sentences into paragraphs and stories
  • Identifying the difference between verbs & adjectives (a toughie for most) – we tackled this with a human skeleton crossword this week! 
  • Pencil control
  • Recognising upper and lower case letters – the majority of our Trainees have successfully completed this one
  • Report writing and recounting information (we call this memory recall)
  • Sentence structure revision 

Contact us to learn more about our classes for adults with learning disabilities, including Photography, ICT, Independent Living, and even gardening at our allotment!

As you can see, we give our Trainees a broad variety of activities to help develop their maths & English, often underpinning them with games to make the learning easier to comprehend and less intimidating! They impress us more and more each week, which reinforces to us that we are making a difference through our teaching