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Abilities and Lifeskills

Trainees sewing

The "Abilities" department is essentially a collection of life, leisure and social skills development opportunities. We offer a wide range of training and activities including:

Personal Independence Projects 

Tailored lifeskills programme to meet each individuals need including a revolving programme of numeracy, literacy, budgeting, living safely at home, living safely in the community etc.


Script writing, emotion recognition, character development, acting etc. Learners get the chance to contribute to developing their own play and work together in small productions.


This is different to our catering course as individuals learn how to cook different things that they may be able to make at home. Learners make their own recipe books with the photos taken during the cooking session.

Journalism and Newspaper group

Learning about the news and different topical items. Individuals work both on their own and together to create a monthly newspaper.

Craft and Enterprise

Making various things from jewellery to bags (lots of sewing skills can be taught from hand stitching to using sewing machines) which are then sold either within CASE or outside in the community.

Community outings

Various skills from learning to shop to accessing various facilities in the community.

Photography group

Regular outings where individuals learn and develop photography skills.

Hobbies and leisure skills

Experiencing new activities to stimulate the individual and also to facilitate positive social interaction.


A study of music and its history with lots of practical sessions. Learners get the opportunity to learn “sign and sing”, play instruments and compose their own music.