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Accredited Education

Trainee working on laptop

The Academy is aimed at developing the whole person which we try to intermix with the qualification to give more of a personal centred quality approach.  

The Academy uses art as it's main focus on developing skills. Art is well known for allowing students to express themselves and be creative in a way that focuses the mind. It can sometimes break down barriers and allow people to express their aspirations or parts of themselves they wanted to keep hidden such as confidence levels or issues for which they find to be a barrier. Being able to draw and not talk about ones feeling is an enabler/first step in progressing the person and allowing us to help or start to talk about how we can help them.

The department mixes topics from the realms of Employment, Training and Personal and Social Development to its advantage and give trainers a mandate to use all the different units to grow, stretch and challenge learners. This could be from citizenship, employment skills, healthy eating, understanding relationship/family and budgeting to discrimination awareness. Students will negotiate with their trainer an individual learning plan, this plan will be reviewed through the year to help Trainers focus on their goals and give them the best opportunity to succeed.

Qualifications not only give students the skills needed to progress but also the confidence to learn more giving trainees a forward thinking approach to life and supports personal target setting and personal progression.