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Non Accredited Learning and Film Club

Our Non Accredited Learning encompasses a wide variety of activities designed to enable personal progression, each trainee will have an individual learning plan which is reviewed on an 8 weekly basis and receive lots of support and guidance.  

Digital Learning

A trainee website project enables trainees to design, develop and create; content and reportage for an LD specific website.  This enables people with LD to have a voice in society, representing the LD community in a positive way which breaks down the barriers and stereotypes that lead to a break down in community cohesion. This is based around the interests of the group and will focus on building confidence to challenge views and debate issues that affect people in everyday life. There are lots of embedded learning opportunties tailored to indidvidual needs and include opportunties to develop their skills including team work, literacy & creative writing, digital photography, ICT skills, safety on-line, leadership, health, marketing, design skills, communication and employablity skills by producing a professional outward looking online newspaper which is visible to everyone. 

Film Club

The film club allowing the trainer to engage in discussion on emotive subjects while still being a fun experience. The film club writes reviews of films which embeds literacy, supports communication development, confidence and self-esteem. 

Educational Visits

Weekly visits are decided by the group and embedded learning opportunities are created by a qualified trainer. Learning opportunities Include visit planning, health & safety, team work, communication, understanding others, developing own opinions, understanding the local community and the amenities and facilities available, costing of visits and timings to develop numeracy skills and where possible trainees will feedback and to report on the visits for the website.  

Employment Skills

The Non Accredited Learning department also works on people’s employability skills which includes activities like a pop up charity shop, and classroom enterprise activities that develop students customer services skills, money skills and confidence, improves communications and team work in a supportive environment.