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Shaun has a mild learning disability and struggled to socially interact with others, this impacted on him significantly making him very shy, withdrawn and nervous especially around people or in new situations.

Shaun needed additional support around his health and looking after his own basic needs as he would often neglect himself without realising. He would refuse to engage in social activities due to the lack a of confidence and self-esteem.

Over the years CASE worked closely with Shaun providing him with skills and opportunities to enable him to gain the confidence needed to live life to the full.

Shaun will now voice his own opinions, he is motivated and positive about his future and he leads a full and active social life.

Shaun is now a happy, caring and confident young man who attends CASE 3 days a week. Shaun takes great pride in his appearance and accesses the community confidently. Shaun has many friends at CASE and is keen to participate in group activities, he has successfully gained qualifications in many areas and continues to learn and develop himself.