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Our Services

Everything that we do is focused on improving our clients' lives to help them grow as individuals, develop their independence and by learning new skills so that they can actively contribute in the community.

We deliver a wide variety of courses and workshops which are practical, fun and with embedded opportunities to learn skills such as numeracy and literacy. Individuals can choose topics of interest to them.

We work with Connexions, Transition teams, Schools and families to support transition from schools or other provisions to CASE. We offer individualised transition plans which could include taster days or work experience for young people at School.

Everyone receives a Support Plan & Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which is reviewed every 8 weeks to ensure individuals are happy, supported and achieving their own goals. The Training Staff are friendly, supportive and dedicated to continuous personal development.

Activities have been developed to meet the articulated needs of the individuals who attend our services which can consist of:

  • Formal learning programmes 
  • Informal learning programmes
  • Craft and practical skills
  • Gardening and horticulture
  • Personal development programmes
  • Independent living skills
  • Employment programmes including practical activities such as catering, horticulture, administration, etc.
  • Sports programmes

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Accredited Education

The Academy is aimed at developing the whole person which we try to intermix with the qualification to give more of a personal centred quality approach.  



Catering is a lot more than the name suggests it is a place that brings out the best in people and allows them to see past their disability and inspires people to gain aspirations for future development and instilling a CAN DO attitude to life. 


Non Accredited Learning and Film Club

Our Non Accredited Learning encompasses a wide variety of activities designed to enable personal progression, each trainee will have an individual learning plan which is reviewed on an 8 weekly basis and receive lots of support and guidance.  ...


Abilities and Lifeskills

The "Abilities" department is essentially a collection of life, leisure and social skills development opportunities. We offer a wide range of training and activities including:



The ICT department is a mix of accredited and non-accredited tasks that develop trainee’s skills within the ICT department. Trainees are all given an individual learning plan that helps build on skills and experience and not start people from day...


Grow with CASE

Learners get the opportunity to be involved with the regular  upkeep and maintenance of the CASE multi-award winning allotment (both Yorkshire and Hull in Bloom) as well as being involved in larger projects to develop practical skills such as...


Football Team

The CASE football team CASE FC, play football on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings. On Monday afternoons they train indoors at the Kingston community centre. On Thursday mornings they play in the East Riding Community Inclusion League.