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Independent Living Skills

Our trainees independence is a high priority at Case.

Recreating real-life situations is also important, to give trainees first-hand experience. This is why we also take them out on shopping trips, to make their learning functional and realistic.

Independent Cooking

The ability to create delicious and nutritious meals at home is something many of our trainees value. In our fun and friendly cookery classes, trainees choose what they want to make, and we guide them through the cleaning of kitchen work areas, preparation of ingredients and how to create the dish.

We focus on food that can be made easily at home with cupboard items that are readily accessible.

Independent Cleaning

Our trainees are taught every aspect of household cleaning – from laundry and ironing to sanitising the kitchen sides and unloading the dishwasher. These tasks are closely monitored by our fully-trained staff members until the trainees gain enough confidence needed to handle hot water, use cleaning supplies, and other potential hazards around the home. This section of learning is of utmost importance to our trainees, especially those who strive to eventually live without carers and parents. We need to know that once our trainees leave CASE, they are able to maintain a safe level of cleanliness within their living quarters.

Inside the Independent Living Suite’s cleaning area, you will find:

  • Washing machine and tumble dryer;
  • Iron and ironing board;
  • Hoover and mop & bucket;

Group Baking

Our trainees express baking as a real passion of theirs. During group baking activities, trainees can switch off from the outside world and let their creativity run wild. A broad range of baking skills are learnt within the Independent Living Suite – from fresh bread to gooey brownies and tarte fruit crumbles (using produce cultivated at our allotment).

Inside the Independent Living Suite’s baking area, you will find:

  • An oven with hobs;
  • Microwave;
  • Baking equipment such as mixers, whisks, measuring jugs and scales, baking tins, and much more.

Personal Hygiene

Whilst in the Independent Living Suite, trainees are encouraged to focus on their personal hygiene – including the cleanliness and presentation of themselves and their clothing. This includes practising, and teaching trainees to be independent in the following tasks (if applicable, this depends on an individual’s capabilities):

  • Brushing hair and teeth;
  • Dressing in clean, ironed clothes;
  • Proper techniques for handwashing after cooking, baking, etc.

Budgeting & Money Management Sessions

Our trainees regularly attend budgeting and money management sessions; these are also held in the Independent Living Suite.

Enterprise Skills

Enterprise projects help our trainees build basic working skills. They learn the value of sourcing materials and turning them into saleable products, with all profits reinvested for future enterprises.

Arts and crafts items are produced, including peg bags, cushions, door stops and seasonal gifts, such as reindeer food, Valentine’s Day presents and Easter treats. Trainees learn valuable customer service skills, as well as how to price items and sell them.

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01482 320200




60 Charles Street, Hull, HU2 8DQ
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