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CASE Training Services

Learning disability services day centre in Hull

We believe every individual has the right to an independent and fulfilling life.

At CASE Training Services, we are committed to providing learning disability services for adults in an engaging day centre setting.

Our learning disability support sessions cover Catering, Creative Arts, Discovery room, Grow, Functional Skills, EHCP, Health and Wellbeing, ICT and Independent Living.

Our CASE Values

“We consistently strive for our Trainees to be happy, and comfortable – both physically and mentally – in all that they do”

“We teach our Trainees all about diversity, equality, and cultural differences – and to love and respect others regardless of their similarities or differences”





What do learning disability services do?

CASE is an extraordinary learning community where everyone is actively engaged and achieving excellent things, every day.

Highly Experienced Trainers

We deliver health & wellbeing, maths, English, ICT, creative arts, gardening, and independent living sessions – each one encouraging confidence and skill progression at a rate that is comfortable for you.

Design Focused On Individual Needs

Our learning disability services offer individuals advice and training to enable them to:

  • Build life skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Help each other
  • Look forward to a more positive future

Independent Living


Club Activities

GROW at Case

Support Services for Learning Disabilites

Many trainees tell us how they love attending CASE to meet with their friends; it has been described as the “CASE family”. A huge part of CASE is the social aspect, including our much-loved sports events where we get a great sense of teamwork and independence. There are bags of opportunities to learn new skills here, and we know this because we watch, first hand, each of our trainees grow and blossom!

Life at CASE offers a rich trainee experience and we believe everyone has the potential to achieve what they want to.

We provide an exceptional environment, and permanent support via our in-house dedicated welfare team and help create healthier lifestyles. Trainees can expect to get the best experience possible at CASE, as we place them at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with families, social workers, and partner organisations to make sure every trainee makes the most of their time with us.

Learning disability support stories

We spend five days out of seven with our trainees - but it’s bound to be you who notices those big, positive improvements in your son, daughter, or someone you care for.

Olivia’s Story

Olivia has been a learner at CASE for nearly 5 years now and she needs no encouragement to attend.

Latest News

May 8, 2024

Celebrating Learning Disability Week 2024: Embracing the Theme of ‘Do You See Me’

Learning Disability Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about learning disabilities, challenge misconceptions, and advocate for inclusivity and equality for individuals with learning disabilities. This year,…
May 8, 2024

Join Us for an Inclusive Celebration: Case Annual Sports Day 2024

As the sun begins to warm the air and the spirit of camaraderie fills the atmosphere, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Sports Day at Costello Stadium on June 12th, 2024.…
April 2, 2024

Bridging Worlds: The Significance of British Sign Language in Fostering Inclusivity

In a world brimming with diverse languages and expressions, British Sign Language (BSL) stands out as a testament to the resilience and richness of human communication. Embraced by more than…
April 1, 2024

Empowering Through Education: Understanding Learning Disabilities with Case Training Hull

Navigating the realm of education can be a journey filled with triumphs and challenges. For individuals with learning disabilities, these challenges may seem daunting, but at Case Training Hull, we…
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01482 320200




60 Charles Street, Hull, HU2 8DQ


01482 320200




60 Charles Street, Hull, HU2 8DQ
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