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Trainee in the kitchen

Catering is a lot more than the name suggests it is a place that brings out the best in people and allows them to see past their disability and inspires people to gain aspirations for future development and instilling a CAN DO attitude to life. 

As in any work environment Students have to communicate with each other and work together in a busy environment, each being a spoke in a wheel where every part is as important as the rest and if one part is struggling the team coming together to support so they can succeed.

This approach is giving an example of what it takes to succeed in a real world work environment and allowing students to gain the confidence that if they can do it here they can do it somewhere else. This does not have to be in a kitchen environment but building the transferable work/life skills will allow them to succeed anywhere.

Most importantly the kitchen only cooks food with fresh ingredients that students need to learn to cook rather than just place in the oven. Being able to produce a dish from start to finish really builds confidence and gives people a real sense of achievement. This is then served to customers at lunch time and you can see the satisfaction and pride on the students faces that not only the tutor believed they did a good job but everyone was enjoying and buying their food. Students can not only replicate this type of healthy, fresh cooking at home but will also instil confidence and belief in themselves to take their cooking to a professional level and maybe think of this as a career option.

The Kitchen and CASE are qualified to run qualifications in Hospitality and Catering up to Level 2 which is the industry standard level. Qualifications would be awarded by Pearson/Edexcel which is the UK’s largest qualification provider and is nationally recognised. Students are given a whole round approach to hospitality equipping students with the knowledge they will need for the future. Units included are: Introduction to the Hospitality industry, Food Prep and cooking, Preparing and Serving Drinks, Customer Service and Food Hygiene.