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Gifts and strengths of adults with dyslexia, including great spacial awareness and advanced problem-solving skills

“Dyslexia is not a disease or an identifiable physical condition, but a learning style”.

Have you recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, or do you suspect you have it? Discovering that you have a learning disability like dyslexia can be a worrisome time, and you may ask yourself questions like:

  • Will I be able to find a job?
  • What about my career?
  • Does this mean I’m not intelligent?
  • Can I keep up with my peers?
  • Am I eligible to access the support I need?

And while these worries are normal and completely valid, there are some amazing things that you should know about being an adult with dyslexia, too. It’s time to learn how to celebrate the superhero powers you have adopted as a young person or adult with dyslexia ✨

#1. People with dyslexia can be creative geniuses

Beethoven, Mozart, and Picasso are some of the most famous dyslexic adults you’ll hear of [1]. Because the modules of a dyslexic brain are wired differently and the `right brain` is more active – it’s likely you are a creative sort.

#2. Dyslexic adults are often social butterflies

As a dyslexic adult or young person, you’ve probably already started to find ways of expressing yourself beyond writing, texting, emailing, and so on. Maybe you make the effort to phone your friends and family more, you approach others in person, or you communicate via voice notes, FaceTime, or video. All of these interactions make for a personable and sociable friend, family member, and colleague ?

#3. Adults with dyslexia have great spacial awareness

If you’ve got dyslexia, it’s likely you `get` spacial awareness and relationships. This means you understand time, distance, size, volumes, and orders better than others – and you know all about concepts and abstracts. You’re a great candidate for many job types with those transferrable skills! Maybe a career in architecture is on the cards?

#4. Dyslexic people are excellent at puzzles and problem solving

Complicated puzzles and logical problems are a dyslexic adult’s forte. If somebody is stuck and needs a fresh pair of eyes, you’re a guaranteed source of help.

#5. Dyslexia is a unique mindset and means you learn differently

The vast majority of teachers and employers will agree that `thinking outside of the box` is a skill that not everybody has. Dyslexic adults and young people are programmed a little differently, meaning they may pick up on details, ideas, and ways of thinking that others wouldn’t even dream of. You are also likely to see the bigger picture over the finer details. You’re a valuable team member because of this!

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[1] dyslexiaawareness.com

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