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The Case Training team took a leap into entrepreneurship with an inspiring initiative led by Trainees from the Functional Skills department. Armed with a £100 start-up fund, they set out to showcase their creativity by making and selling homemade items. The project aimed not only to foster the team’s skills but also to raise funds for a special treat for the Functional Skills department.

Event Details:

The sales event took place on:

– Monday, February 5th

– Tuesday, February 6th

– Wednesday, February 7th

The sales occurred during the 10.30-10.45 am each day. These dates conveniently aligned with Valentine’s Day, making it the perfect opportunity to find a unique, handmade gift for loved ones.

Featured Items:

The Case Enterprise Group poured their passion into creating a variety of items available for purchase, including:

– Hot Chocolate Treat Packs
– Bath Salts Extravaganza Packs
– Recipe Booklets
– Positivity Quote Jars
– Travel Sewing Kits
– Home Sewing Kits
– Varied Keyrings

Each item was crafted with care and creativity, offering a range of options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Pre-Orders and Guess the Name of the Teddy:

For those unable to attend in person, parents, carers, and friends of Case could pre-order items by visiting Case and checking out the pre-order booklets. This ensured that everyone had the opportunity to support this meaningful cause.

Additionally, there was an exciting chance to participate in the “Guess the Name of the Teddy” game. For just £1 per guess, visitors, parents, carers, trainees, and staff could enter the competition. The winner was drawn during the lunchtime break on February 7th, and all proceeds went towards the Enterprise Team’s efforts for a special treat for the trainees.

Supporting a Worthy Cause:

All the money raised from the sales and the “Guess the Name of the Teddy” game was dedicated to treating the Functional Skills department to something extra special. By supporting the Case Enterprise Group, contributors were contributing to the growth and success of these talented trainees.

The community came together to make a difference and spread joy through these homemade delights. It was a wonderful opportunity to support a worthwhile cause and celebrate the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship within the Case community. Those who participated didn’t miss out on the chance to acquire unique, handmade items while making a positive impact.

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