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While accidents can happen to anyone at any time – how we react and respond to them is what keeps everybody safe and well. And, if an individual is not sure of how to act in the unlikely event of an accident or emergency – this is where the risks begin to emerge.

At CASE, specially tailored first aid training is a crucial part of our independent living skills programme and Duke of Edinburgh Award. Because without teaching our trainees how they ought to respond in an accident or emergency, we can’t be 100% confident that they will be safe whilst living independently away from carers and family members. And at CASE, this is our main goal – to teach trainees absolute independence while remaining happy, healthy, and capable of looking after themselves and others.

What is included in our first aid training ?

Our essential first aid training includes everything you would expect in any first aid training course. Except, when teaching our trainees, we use clear language and a gentle approach, ensuring we meet the specific needs and capabilities of each individual. If a trainee is struggling to comprehend an area of first aid, we spend time with them on a 1-2-1 basis to get them back up to speed.

  • CPR, compressions, and life-saving techniques;
  • At-home treatment for everyday injuries – such as cuts, grazes, minor burns, bites, and small bleeds – and how to use a first aid kit;
  • Teaching awareness of the early signs of serious illnesses – including cardiac arrest, strokes, loss of consciousness, choking, and anaphylactic fits;
  • The process for seeking help for themselves or another individual – including the recovery position and calling for an ambulance;
  • And much more.

Learn more about first aid training

Would you like to know more about our essential first aid training courses? Kindly get in touch with us today for further information by calling 01482 320200 or by filling in our online form


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