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At CASE, we understand that adults need, and actively search for, learning disability support at any time throughout their lives. This could be because they’ve had a diagnosis, they are due to finish school and embark on a more independent lifestyle, or simply because they’ve recognised a need for learning disability support and can no longer wait. Here is a quick guide about applying for and securing a place at CASE Training Services, our Hull-based Training Centre for adults with learning disabilities.

When is the best time to apply for a place at CASE?

Unlike schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions – you can apply for a place at our learning disability support centre any time of year. The age range of our trainees is so wide – anywhere from 16 years of age to 60 – so it’s important that we can accommodate them at the right time in their lives. Some individuals join CASE directly after they’ve finished high school in September or they transition to CASE due to feeling unsupported at college – while others reach a more tender age before realising they need that stimulation and interaction with other adults with learning disabilities. Whether you’re ready to start receiving support for your learning disability immediately or you’d like to wait, we’re proud to say we are able to accept an application from you at any time.

You can also book a taster session at CASE whenever you please – there’s no rush to start straight away once you’ve attended and enjoyed your session!

When is the busiest time to apply and join CASE?

New trainees join us all year round! We do see an influx of school leavers in September though, so that’s usually a busy month. You’ll be joined by lots of other newbies (especially 16-18-year-olds) if you choose September as your starting month, too! This is not to say we want fewer applications in September or that the application process is slower – our team is well-equipped and prepares for this lively month like a mini-marathon.

Is there a time of year that I can’t join CASE?

Our Training Centre is open Monday-Friday all year round, except for public holidays and bank holidays! We close for a short while over Easter, Christmas, and New Year, too – so these days will be outlined to you during your taster session if they are near to your desired start date.

Not ready to apply? Learn more about our learning disability support centre first!

Are you an adult aged 16+ living with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, or another form of learning disability? We are here for you when you need us – not sooner, not later! If you’re interested in joining CASE but you’re not ready to apply just yet, you can follow what our current trainees are doing via the links below.


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