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Our top things to do in Hull, from the Artisan Food Hall to The Marina

Here at CASE, day trips and short excursions are a BIG part of our trainees’ learning and development. Not only do they allow for `real world` experiences and putting their blossoming independent living skills into practise, but day trips give individuals something to look forward to – and a well-deserved change of scenery. In this blog, we share our top things to do in Hull: our home and where CASE Training Services is located. We hope this will give you some insight into all the brilliant and exciting activities we get up to!

5 things to do in Hull: from boat-watching to a step back in history

We may be biased, but Hull is one of the best towns in Yorkshire when it comes to finding things to do. Many of the tourist hotspots in Hull are free of charge (our favourites listed below are all free entry!) – so all you need is a little spending money for snacks and souvenirs.

1. Streetlife Museum of Transport

Take a step back in time with a visit to Streetlife Museum of Transport, and ogle at the olden-day trams, buses, and horse-drawn carts.

Read about our experiences at the Streetlife Museum of Transport: CASE Visits Hull’s Streetlife Museum of Transport

2. Artisan Food Hall

Based in the iconic Hammonds of Hull block, the town’s new Artisan Food Hall is unmissable for foodies and those seeking a hand-crafted coffee. The Food Hall is jam-packed with family-run smallholdings and businesses selling honey, fish, bread, cakes, and more.

Read about our experiences at the Artisan Food Hall: We visited the NEW Artisan Food Hall at Hammonds of Hull

3. Hull Waterside & Marina

Boasting 200 years of history, Hull Waterside & Marina is the best place to catch a breath, unwind to the smells and sounds of the water, and watch copious boats go by.

Link: Hull Waterside website

4. Ferens Art Gallery

Ferens Art Gallery is popular for its family-friendly exhibitions, and one of the best things to do in Hull for adults. Right now, they are exhibiting Brick by Brick – International LEGO® Brick Art which is proving popular with our Bubble One group trainees!

Link: Ferens Art Gallery website: What’s on at Ferens Art Gallery

5. Hull City Centre

From the grand buildings and foundations to temporary exhibitions like the Puffin Trail [link], there is plenty of action to soak up while walking the streets of Hull’s city centre, especially the old town quarters.

Come and learn with us

If you are an adult with a learning disability and would like to improve your independent living skills (cooking, cleaning, using money, and more!), CASE Training Services is an option for you. Why not give our friendly team a call and book yourself a visit to our Training Centre?


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