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CASE took part in the Rotary Disability Games based at The Rotary Club of Hull

On Sunday 10th April, 30 of our trainees took part in the long-awaited Rotary Disability Games held at the Rotary Club of Hull. It’s been two years since we last competed – but that didn’t stop our trainees from bringing their all and we took home 10 trophies.

Our trophy winners

CASE won a whopping total of TEN trophies at the Rotary Disability Games – a number we are very proud of! That said, we’d be proud of our trainees regardless of how many trophies we won, it’s the registering, getting there, and taking part that impressed us! Here are the trophy winners who represented CASE:

Archery (Ladies):Leah
Archery Endeavour Award: Lilly
Darts (Ladies): Leah
Darts Endeavour Award: Shannon
Snooker (Ladies): Kelly
Snooker (Men’s): Richard
Swimming (2 Lengths): Melissa
Weightlifting (Ladies): Anna
Wheelchair Dash: Chris
Wheelchair Slalom: Chris

Our trainees competed in other categories including table tennis, boccia, and kurling. To learn more about the game’s choices, take a look at our previous blog on the Rotary Games

Highlights from the day

Meeting Paralympic Archer Victoria Rumary – she’s been to the Tokyo Paralympics and is a fantastic, friendly, and talented lady.
We met the Lady Mayoress of Hull!
Spending time with all of the other trainees and having fun with our friends. We loved cheering each other on.
Having lunch at The Rotary Club of Hull – we had a choice of chicken, salad, and chips or vegan chilli & rice with nachos. Both dishes were enjoyed!
Winning our 10 trophies and having the opportunity to take part in the other categories

A BIG thank you to…

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mary & Andrew Peach from the Rotary Club of Hull for hosting the Rotary Disability Games, providing our yummy lunches, snacks, and drinks along with our t-shirts and lanyards – and for looking after us on the day! Derek Kirby – the Chair of Rotary Humber Maritime Disability Games – for organising the event. We’d also like to thank Paralympic Archer Victoria Rumary for her time talking to our trainees and handing out the trophies. Thank you to Josh, Angie, & Glen from CASE for making the day memorable for our 30+ trainees who took part. And a huge thank you to our trainees for attending the Rotary Games 2022 after two years away.

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