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A group from CASE Training Services was recently invited to lunch with the Lord Mayor of Hull and her Consort at the chambers

In May, our wonderful bubble one group was invited to have lunch with the Lord Mayor of Hull at her Consort – at the chambers! We were truly spoilt, and, visiting the Lord Mayor of Hull’s chambers was such a unique and special experience for our trainees. Read on to find out what we got up to!

Our day with the Lord Mayor of Hull

Who better to ask about the Lord Mayor’s lunch trip – than the lady herself who organised the opportunity?!

Our amazing bubble one leader, Debs McEvoy, says: “The trainees all loved the Lord Mayor’s lunch.

“Shaun was good at identifying the two hidden mice in a couple of the pictures and knew most of the history of the Guild Hall, he did not stop talking the whole time we were there, the Lord Mayor was impressed by what Shaun knew.

“Artur loved it too looking at the portraits of all the Mayors in Hull’s history.

“Karen had a fabulous time she loved sitting in the Lord Mayor’s chair and thoroughly enjoyed the day, just as Mark and I did. The Lord Mayor was so lovely!”.

CASE Manager Mark Cooke was also in attendance on the day. He says: “We were truly spoilt, first the group had lunch with the Lord Mayor and her Consort served tea in the Parlour.

We were then given a behind the scenes tour of the council chambers and the seats of power (which Shaun, Karen, and Artur just had to try out)

It was lovely to be invited by the Lord Mayor, and we feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to have a look around.”

Who is the Lord Mayor of Hull?

Councillor Lynn Petrini is The Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber (a long and fancy title for a well-deserving role!). Lynn Petrini’s Consort is called Mr. Graham Petrini, and his role is to support Lynn during `engagements` or special mayoral events. Lord Mayors or Mayoresses (as they are traditionally known for women) are allowed the pleasure of choosing their own Consort. The Deputy Lord Mayor is Councillor Herrera-Richmond, and he accompanies and supports Lynn Petrini during `civic events`, which are cultural, educational, or charitable occasions.

Requesting the Lord Mayor’s attendance

You can request for the Lord Mayor, Councillor Lynn Petrini, to attend events or engagements that fall within her remit. These include*:

·       100th birthdays;

·       visits to schools or care homes (or disability centres like CASE!);

·       the opening of new business premises;

·       church services;

·       degree ceremonies;

·       charity events.

* Lord Mayor of Hull | Hull City Council

Special thank yous!

We’d like to say a BIG thank you to the Lord Mayor and her Consort for inviting us, dining with us, and showing us around… and to our bubble one leader Debs McEvoy for organising the trip.

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