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People First Merseyside recently led a session at our learning disability centre to teach Trainees about the early signs of cancer

When we heard about the undiagnosed cancer stats for people with learning disabilities, we knew we had to educate our own Trainees on the matter. We sought the help of self-advocacy organisation People First Merseyside, who came to our Centre to host a light-hearted yet eye-opening session on spotting the early signs of cancer.

Who are People First Merseyside?

People First Merseyside is a self-advocacy organisation run by people with learning disabilities, for people with learning disabilities. Its mission is to make vulnerable people aware of the early signs of cancer and when they need to go and see a doctor. The work they do improves people’s
People first Merseyside’s mission is to make people aware of the early signs to see a doctor and improve lives, wellness and wellbeing.

They have dedicated the past year to working in collaboration with NHS England’s Cheshire and Merseyside division to help reduce the premature deaths of people with learning disabilities. The project they have built together is called LeDeR

The LeDeR project focuses on two areas that have been identified as causes of premature death among disabled adults, which both revolve around respiratory disease and undiagnosed cancers:

Area #1: Identifying the early signs of cancer;

Area #2: How to look after our lungs and protect our respiratory system.

To learn more about People First Merseyside and the services they provide surrounding the LeDeR project, please visit peoplefirstmerseyside.co.uk.

What did People First Merseyside teach us?

Our key message was centred around concerning symptoms and when to go and see the doctor. The team who delivered the training was full of fun and made the session eye-opening and easy to comprehend for our Trainees.

The team’s goal was to get our Trainees shouting `GO AND SEE THE DOCTOR!` at the right points, and they achieved this by delivering an assortment of games and activities, including:

–        A group activity that involved placing words on photos of the human body to locate where pain can occur and cancer may be located;

–        A game that involved holding up red flags during a video that described signs of cancer and when the disease may be present;

–        Various role-playing activities.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to People First Merseyside for educating our Trainees on the early signs of cancer. You’re amazing!

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