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A guide to when Learning Disability Week 2023 is, how you can get involved, and why we support it!

Autism. ADHD. Dyslexia. Dyspraxia. Learning disability. Learning-disabled. These words spark all kinds of emotions and mean different things to different people. There are about 956,000 adults with learning disabilities in England [1] – so chances are, you have a learning disability or know an adult with a learning disability. In this guide, we detail when Learning Disability Week 2023 is, why we support it, and how you can get involved.

When is Learning Disability Week 2023?

Learning Disability Week, or LDWeek, is happening THIS WEEK! It’s from the 19th June – 25th June 2023.

What is LDWeek 2023?

In learning disability charity Mencap’s brilliant words, “This year we want to show the world the incredible things that people with a learning disability achieve, smashing misconceptions about what people can do and shining a light on the stigma many still face every day”.

Learning disabilities still have a large stigma attached to them. LDWeek is about getting rid of outdated views and giving learning-disabled adults back their voices to tell their stories. Will you help?

Ways to get involved with Learning Disability Week 2023

  1. Talk about Learning Disability Week

Whether you’re talking to your friends, family, colleagues, or a person at the bus stop – talk about Learning Disability Week until your heart is content! Learning disabilities affect such a large portion of the population, and they are a topic that is open for everybody to discuss regardless of age, gender, occupation, beliefs, background, etc…!

  1. Use social media to learn about Learning Disability Week

News hits social media much quicker and spreads further and wider, than other outlets nowadays. If you want to be heard or join in on a new conversation, social media is the place to do it. Whether you use Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another network, you’re guaranteed to learn about LDW there. Don’t forget to use and search for Learning Disability Week hashtags, such as:

  • #LearningDisabilityWeek
  • #LDWeek
  • #LDWeek23
  • #LearningDisability
  • #LearningDisabilityAwareness

An easy way to get involved is by sharing LDWeek graphics. At Case, we’ve been sharing Trainee stories each day. Head over to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter page to share one of our LDWeek graphics. Mencap has some great downloadable graphics on their LDWeek webpage, too.

  1. Turn to trusted resources during Learning Disability Week
  1. Mencap

Today Mencap is talking about Intersectionality.

Tomorrow Mencap is talking about Representation.

On Saturday, Mencap is talking about Community and Volunteering.

On Sunday, Mencap is talking about Celebrating Busting Myths.

  1. Hull Learning Disability Partnership Board

Hull Learning Disability Partnership Board is sharing stories about our very own Case Trainees!

  1. Case Training Services

At Case, we support adults with learning disabilities with academic skills along with everyday `independent living skills` like cooking, cleaning, self-care, and budgeting. Keep checking our blog section (linked above) and social media channels for LDWeek content.



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