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Celebrating the work of trainees (and their group leaders) is something close to our hearts – it reflects how well everybody is getting on and the skills that are manifesting from their hard graft.

In this week’s blog, we wanted to share a handful of the superstar trainee projects completed in April. Enjoy!

Canva Social Media Posts: Angie’s Group

Angie’s ICT groups have been undertaking a challenge from Canva based on turtles! The trainees were allowed to use whichever colours and techniques they liked, providing they used watercolours. They gave so much depth to their project: using layering, resizing, copy & pasting. They finished the task by finding the perfect place to add the hashtag `#canvadesignchallenge`.

Skills to celebrate: Canva & ICT practise, creativity, working independently.

Cubist Portraits: Nigel’s Group

You won’t believe your eyes when we see this project – led by Nigel, our new creative arts leader! Nigel’s group created cubist portraits on A3 sugar paper with a printed background; we truly think they belong in an art gallery or framed and proudly placed in a home.

Skills to celebrate: Oil pastels & art practise, cubism, working independently.

Easter Display: Glen’s Group

Our independent living group produced a huge wall display themed around Easter – complete with coloured-in bunny rabbits, springtime word searches, and stories! Everybody selected a piece of work to contribute to the wall, ensuring it `went` with the rest of the theme. A great example of working independently and within a team!

Skills to celebrate: Teamwork, following a theme, taking on individual roles.

Independent Art: Debs’ Group

Debs’ group enjoyed an independent session, whereby they picked an arts & crafts activity to do. Mouaz chose scratch art adorned with a tiger (he LOVES big cats!), Artur painted a bag featuring a dinosaur, and Ashleigh opted to work with sparkly crystal art. It made us proud to see the trainees excelling at their activities with freedom and no brief!

Skills to celebrate: Independent working, using personal interests to create.

Red Nose Day T-shirts: Rachel’s Group

To celebrate and honour Red Nose Day, Rachel’s group designed some fantastic t-shirts. The end results were fab and you could tell who had designed which t-shirt because they had so much personality!

Skills to celebrate: Independent working, creativity, following a theme.

Olivia’s handmade bath bombs: Allison’s Group

During one of Allison’s Easter sessions, Olivia made bath bombs and decorated eggs for her sisters as a special Easter present. They smelt wonderful, and looked beautiful – but what got Olivia’s bath bombs on this list is because of how thoughtful her creation was. We hope her sisters loved them as much as we did!

Skills to celebrate: Creativity, patience, thinking of others.

Unicorn cake, llama cake, & rainbow buns: Debs’ Group

Another fantastic piece of work to leave Debs’ classroom – a tri-bake carefully prepared, crafted, and cooked by Garry, David, and Karen! The trio of sweet treats featured a unicorn cake, a llama cake, and pretty rainbow fairy buns. We’re very impressed at the group’s ability to juggle three separate baking challenges – we saw some excellent teamwork that day!

Skills to celebrate: Teamwork, creativity, taking on individual roles, multi-tasking.

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