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Read all about how we celebrated Chinese New Year 2022 at Case Training Services

Here at Case, we just love to explore all different cultures and holidays from across the globe! Our celebrations range from cooking a country’s special dishes and cuisines to recreating traditional decorations – ensuring we use each of our five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Our brilliant bubbles spent two weeks preparing for Chinese New Year 2022 and the whole of last week having fun and immersing themselves in China’s most popular holiday.

Here’s what we got up to…

Chinese New Year 2022 in the Independent Living Suite

What is a holiday without a scrummy three-course meal?! The trainees put their heads together to choose a traditional Chinese banquet to prepare, cook, eat, and clean away after.

The menu they chose between themselves included –

Starter: Andrew’s homemade vegetable soup for Bubble 1;

Main: Chicken fried rice;

Afters: Pineapple upside-down cake with custard for Bubble 1, and almond tart for Bubble 2.

Glen, our Activity Leader from the Independent Living Suite, said: “Both bubbles worked well as a team to produce a tasty lunch.

“They wanted to make a Chinese dish to celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 – the year of the tiger!

“They really enjoyed what they had prepared, it was so tasty”.

Skills used:

·       Baking

·       Cooking

·       Cleaning

·       Food hygiene

·       Planning of ingredients & method

·       Teamwork

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Chinese New Year 2022 in the ICT Suite

One of the trainees’ favourite aspects of Chinese New Year was the decorations – the bright colours, the animals, the lanterns – it was like Christmas all over again. This makes sense, considering Chinese New Year is China’s most important festival, and, of course – Christmas is our favourite season!

Across two sessions, our ICT group made Chinese lanterns and animal decorations from coloured tissue paper.

Allison, our Activity Leader from the ICT Suite, said: “The outcomes were lovely and the trainees all took their creations home.

“You need to check out Zach’s dragon, it is truly amazing! He was super proud and took it home.”

Skills used:

·       Arts & crafts

·       Design

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