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Last week, CASE trainees took part in activities based around the Winter Olympics 2022, while other groups built excitement for the beginning of this year’s Rotary Games (Disability Games). And despite the blustery, rainy weather coming from Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice, and then Storm Franklin – trainees from every bubble couldn’t stop talking about, and looking forward to – these two outdoor sporting events! At least the Winter Olympics 2022 could be enjoyed from the comfort of our centrally-heated rooms with squishy sofas with a snack or two in hand.

Our trainees spent the week completing various classes based around the Winter Olympics 2022, including:

Arts & crafts – using a rainbow of coloured pens to recreate the theme of the iconic Olympics badge. Tracey decorated a cool poster to keep everybody’s spirits high!
Cooking with Glen – athletes love eating healthy soup as part of their diets! Our soup master, Andrew, whipped up a batch of warming tomato & red pepper soup to fill everybody’s tummies.

We also spent lots of our time rooting for `Trolley Dolly` Tess Emmerson’s son, Riley, who has been competing in the `Skeleton` division of the Winter Olympics. Skeleton = a winter sport that involves the competitor riding head-first on a flat sled. WOW!

After two years of missing out, we are very much looking forward to hosting the Rotary Disability Games in April again this year. We have already opened and closed invitations for competitors – and we are happy to say that every individual and their carer whom has completed registration is taking part FREE of charge!

We have a wide selection of games available to compete in, all of which been brilliantly organised by the Rotary Club and include:

Group A – Competitors may take part in TWO of the following sports





Table Tennis

Group B – Competitors may take part in ONE of the following sports

Rifle Shooting

Weight Lifting


Swimming – 1 Length

Swimming – 2 Lengths

Wheelchair Users



Each competitor has the choice to take part in 3 sports in total – 2 from Group A, and 1 from Group B.

The Rotary Games will commence on the 10th April 2022 at Hymers College, Hymers Avenue, HULL, HU3 1LW.

We hope you will join us in supporting those competing and their carers – and we are looking forward to seeing you there if you wish to spectate!

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