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We took a group of trainees to the StreetLife Museum of Transport to learn about vehicles from way back when

Last week, we took four of our hardworking trainees – Andrew, Tracey, Jonathan, and Norman – to Hull’s very own vintage transport museum, Streetlife!

Streetlife offers free car, carriage, and tram displays along with entry to six galleries – The Bicycle Gallery, The Motor Car Gallery, The Carriage Gallery, The Streetscene Gallery, and The Railway Gallery.

Streetlife Museum of Transport is free of charge and is situated on High Street in the Old Town, close by to Hull Heritage and Commercial Museum.

Streetlife’s website says: “Climb aboard at the Streetlife Museum of Transport and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells of the past.

Experience 200 years of transport history as you walk down a 1940’s high street, board a tram or enjoy the pleasures of our carriage ride”.

It’s a fantastic day trip for adults of all ages and interests – there’s something for everybody to learn!

Glen, our Independent Living bubble leader, said: “All of my trainees enjoyed going around the museum.

“There were the vehicles we once travelled in and on, shops you would see on the high street.

“We even found out how much things cost back then… as you’d expect, much cheaper than now! It was a great morning out all round”.

A special treat from the Coffee Cup

After the museum, Glen’s group treated themselves to a special lunch from Coffee Cup in Hepworth Arcade, also in Hull.

Glen said: “The trainees had a look at the prices of the cakes, drinks, and snacks.

“They decided what they would like and what they could afford, then paid for it by themselves.

“It was a little challenge we thought of to help their independence and confidence grow, and they were so proud of themselves for doing it!”

Independent Living Skills for adults with learning disabilities

Our trainees’ independence is a high priority at CASE. Recreating real-life situations is also important, to give trainees first-hand experience. This is why we also take them out on shopping trips, to make their learning functional and realistic. To learn more, please browse our website or call 01482 320200.

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