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Dear parents, carers, and trainees

It’s great to have trainees back in the building though smaller group numbers right now, we are still abiding by post-Covid rules to keep everyone safe, and we must ease everybody back in slowly and carefully. We hope you understand… we will get back to complete normal as soon as we possibly can!


You’ll be excited to know that our team at CASE Training has been very busy working throughout the closure of the facilities. We’ve got BRAND NEW spaces within the Centre, ready and waiting for our trainees to enjoy:

· NEW Independent Living Suite: Where Trainees can learn to cook, bake, or make a cup of tea. Recently, our wonderful Trainee Tracey made her first cuppa at 32 years old – and it was perfectly brewed! We are extremely proud of her, and we know you will be too. Find out more about the Independent Living Suite by reading this page on our website

· Improvements to our much-loved allotment space : We have been working hard on our wonderful allotment, and lots of the fresh produce is ready to eat, cook, and bake with! Our home-grown chillies and rhubarb have already gone down a treat. We are looking forward to hearing what our Trainees think of the produce – is it Great British Bake Off worthy?

We can’t wait for you to see the new spaces – there are lots of activities, projects, and social occasions waiting for our trainees to explore. Who knows, perhaps you have a Star Baker in your family!

Until we speak again,

Mark, General Manger of CASE

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