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Just because a person is living with a learning disability, it doesn’t mean they are limited to job and career opportunities. In this blog, we explore how vocational training empowers adults with learning disabilities. If you’ve got any questions about vocational training and how it folds into the training we do, please contact our team for a chat!

What is vocational training?

Vocational training involves teaching the skills needed for a specific `vocation` or job. While undertaking vocational training, you get to learn on the job and use practical skills from day one. There are so many different types of jobs that you can do vocational training for, including:

Nursing/nurse or carer




And many more.

Vocational training includes learning at school or college, as part of an apprenticeship, on-the-job, or a mixture.

Reasons to do vocational training

Along with learning practical skills for a career you are passionate about, there are many other reasons to embark on vocational training. These reasons include:

-Your social life could flourish and you’ll meet new, likeminded people

-Increased income and financial security

-Sense of helping others (if applicable to your training)

-Bettering personal and professional skills

-Increasing self-confidence

-Contributing towards the growth of equal opportunities and breaking down barriers for learning-disabled people

-Prompting the use of independent living skills (see Indeed’s list of independent skills that are important to have).

At Case…

We run independent living skills sessions which contain vocational training. These sessions offer practical skills that can be taken into the workplace, such as:

  1. Cooking
  2. Baking
  3. Cleaning
  4. Personal hygiene
  5. Budgeting & money management

To learn more about our independent living skills sessions, visit our designated webpage.

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