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The Wizarding World Wand Tour, comprising of nine 15ft illuminated magic wands, arrived in Hull last week

The Wizarding World Wand Tour arrived in Hull last week, and we were lucky enough to squeeze in a visit between classes at the CASE Training centre before the wands moved onto Birmingham! The Wizarding World Wand Tour was located at Queen Victoria Square and featured nine replica wands from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies.

The wands were truly magical

We saw the gigantic wands up-close in daylight, although they were built to illuminate and from the photos we saw, we know they looked magical at night, too. It was also raining during our visit, but that did not stop us from enjoying the exhibition and we still got to hear the exciting music bellowing out around the Town Hall.

Learners Mouaz, George, Vicky, Olivia, and Daniel are of varying levels of `Harry Potter Fandom` but they all very much enjoyed the exhibition, and we saw adults and children alike having a fabulous time.

Tutor Jackie said: “WE LOVED IT”

We enjoyed a frothy cappuccino after the Tour!

After the tour, our learners enjoyed teas and coffees at a local coffee shop. They certainly needed a hot brew after all that excitement! What’s more, it was a fantastic opportunity to practice adding up and subtracting while counting the money out for their drinks.

Have you visited the Wizarding World Wand Tour or another Harry Potter exhibition? We would love to know!

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