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A blog about disability inclusion & how to support it

Disability inclusion has been in the news a lot lately, and rightly so! Disability inclusion is an important marker in equalising the opportunities of disabled and non-disabled people. But what is disability inclusion, and how can we support it?

What is disability inclusion?

Disability inclusion means including people with disabilities (visible and non-visible) at work, in sports, during everyday activities, and so on. Disability inclusion means encouraging and supporting adults with disabilities to participate in everything that those without disabilities are able to do. It also includes making sure workplaces and organisations have a diversity and inclusion policy in place.

How to support disability inclusion

  1. Talk about it!
  2. As an organisation, consider the accessibility of your activities, events, programmes, and roles, and ensure you have facilities like ramps, accessible toilets, etc.
  3. Adopt a diversity and inclusion policy – if you’re a workplace or organisation
  4. Keep roles open to people of all abilities
  5. Learn how to communicate with disabled people with specific needs: i.e., take a course in BSL. Anybody can take one!
  6. Train staff and members on visible and non-visible disabilities: how to talk about them, provide support where applicable, etc.
  7. Use the correct language when talking to, and about, disabled people. Find out more here [https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/inclusive-communication/inclusive-language-words-to-use-and-avoid-when-writing-about-disability]

Disability inclusion in the news

Take a look at these fabulous stories in the news:

  1. British Vogue praised for history-making issue showcasing people with a disability
  1. Barbie launches first-ever doll with Down’s syndrome in a campaign with model Ellie Goldstein
  1. Aldi is rolling out allyship training to all of its managers across the UK to help ensure that its workforce of around 40,000 colleagues feel respected and included across the business


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