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The ICT department is a mix of accredited and non-accredited tasks that develop trainee’s skills within the ICT department. Trainees are all given an individual learning plan that helps build on skills and experience and not start people from day one if they are already experienced in ICT. The department normally works its way through all the Microsoft Office packages developing people’s skills in a fun and engaging way. For desktop publishing for instance trainees could build upon an idea and go out with their tutor and take photos and make a bigger, fun and more inspiring learning experience from a simple desktop publishing task.

Trainees are taught about the dangers of social media and privacy settings, Phishing emails and understanding that people sometimes are not who they say they are online. Trainees can learn about Facebook and Twitter and getting the best out of the service as well as staying safe. This is done in the most adult way possible which allows trainees to see anyone can be in danger online and you don’t need to be vulnerable.

Trainees also have the opportunity to use their skills and learn and play at the same time, the ICT department uses a number of educational games to make the learning experience more enjoyable and there for more meaningful as trainees are likely to retain this new knowledge. Trainees can use games such as Minecraft and have access to games consoles such as the WII and hand held consoles such as the DSI to improve their educational experience and promote not only learning but also health and fitness and dexterity.

All things in the ICT department are not only linked to ICT but also try to work on the skills of a person, improving some people literacy and numeracy skills, psychomotor skills and developing their confidence. This is all done in our brand new state of the art ICT room.

Qualifications not only give students the skills needed to progress but also the confidence to learn more giving Trainees a CAN DO attitude to life and helping them identify personal aspirations.