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We share the progress of our allotment space throughout February

Despite Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice, and then Storm Franklin – our Grow Group has made lots of progress down at the allotment this month. So much so, we wanted to write a blog to update you on every task, big and small, to ensure our trainees’ efforts are recognised and applauded. We hope you enjoy reading about our allotment tales.

Regards the GROW Team

  1. Adam pruned a mixed hedge around the old plot – there are lots of thorny hedges but he did a good job of tackling them.
  2. Our Grow group clubbed together to paint the sheds, scaffolding boards, and raised beds.
  3. With a little guidance, our amazing young lady, Megan, upcycled an old shelf into a rustic planter for the front of our new classroom. We can’t wait to see it planted up with summer bedding!
  4. Neal and Mark replaced an old rotten fence between us and a neighbouring plot using a few pallets. Looks lovely and sturdy to us, so it should last us a few years!
  5. Luke took up the challenge of making a sturdy wooden frame into which we could pop a kitchen sink. He successfully finished the task and now we have a practical working space to wash the vegetables as we harvest from the allotment. Wonderful!
  6. Our friend, Mark Smith, generously donated plant pots, hanging baskets, and tools. They will all be put to good use, especially the hammock.
  7. Ian and Neil dug over the soil on our newest plot ready for levelling the area for a new path – it may not sound particularly exciting but it was progress for our previously overgrown site.
  8. Alan painted the fence a vibrant purple, so it will cheer our moods down at the allotment whatever the weather!
  9. Over Christmas, we received a generous donation of golf balls from a local business called One Stop Golf. A bit of blustery weather hasn’t stopped Grow from getting creative with those golf balls! The trainees made some incredible flower-type decorations to sit outside the allotment shed.
  10. A stunning rainbow propelled over the allotment, letting us know that we’re doing a great job! Our allotment cat is still padding around, too – he loves to get cuddles from our Grow group, especially Luke.
  11. The group kept themselves busy through the windier, storm-filled days by baking and cooking up their own culinary storms!

Learn more about Grow Group and our allotment space

For adults with learning disabilities, our three multi-award-winning allotment plots provide an idyllic environment to develop skills in gardening, DIY, and teamwork.

Our talented trainees from the Grow Group have won several local awards including Hull in Bloom and Yorkshire in Bloom.

To find out more for yourself or somebody close to you, please explore the links below:

Visit Our Page – link to Grow with CASE

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