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Welcome to our first CASE Training Centre guide! Today we are going to explore our NEW Independent Living Suite, which has quickly become a favourite.

We thought these mini-guides would be a good opportunity for our friends to explore each area of our fantastic CASE Training Centre… we hope you enjoy getting to know where our Trainees work, rest, and play!

Our Independent Living Suite is used for…

A fully-equipment kitchen, bakery, and utility room rolled into one – our Independent Living Suite is one of the favourite areas of our Centre! Here are just some of the `real life` skills we practise with our Trainees while we’re in there:

1. Food prep

The fruit & veggies our Trainees use have been grown and harvested by their own fair hands.

2. Cooking

Our Trainees learn to cook mouth-watering homemade meals from fresh ingredients.

3. Baking

We enjoy watching the Great British Bake Off. You should try our rhubarb crumble… talk about Star Baker quality!

4. Making cups of tea & coffee

Some Trainees make their FIRST hot beverage here – like our lovely Tracey!

5. Cleaning

Laundry, ironing, and personal hygiene like brushing hair & teeth – all of the boring things we need to do as adults!

6. Money management

We also hold sessions on how to manage personal income.

Inside our Independent Living Suite, you will find…

We strive to make this area as realistic as possible – all while ensuring the equipment is safe and accessible to our Trainees of varying individual needs and abilities.

Kitchen appliances such as an oven with hobs, a dishwasher, and a microwave
Laundry facilities including a washing machine, an iron, and an ironing board

The importance of teaching independent living skills

Teaching independence to our Trainees is of utmost importance; after all, many of them join us with the ambition to have their own house one day! We need to know that once our Trainees `graduate` from our Centre, they have the skills they need to keep themselves happy, safe, and well while living without the help of a loved one or carer.

Trainee stories from the Independent Living Suite

“After I left school, I went to college, but it didn’t meet my needs. At CASE, I’ve learned vital independent living skills, which have enabled me to create a home. I can cook, clean, wash, iron, and repair clothes, as well as budget and manage my money. CASE has made a huge, positive difference to my life”.

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