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As a charity, we know how important it is to fundraise. Our resources depend on donations and sponsors, and those who work at our centre are volunteers – much like every other charitable organisation in the UK. So when Children in Need Week rolled around, we knew we had to put our whole heart into it! Our trainees and staff members alike had so much fun hosting and taking part in activities to raise money for young people across the country. So many people have given time and money to our charity, so it felt GOOD to be able to give back to others who need it, too!

Cookies, tarts, and pies – oh my!

Hosted by: Glen in the Independent Living Suite

Two groups clubbed together to make decadent chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, jam & lemon shortcrust tarts, and mince pies… plus a few batches of [enter trainee name]’s famous leek & potato soup!

Glen says: “So proud of my gang, they worked hard as a team, helping each other along the way”.

Cute Pudsey t-shirts  

Hosted by: Roanna in the Arts & Crafts Room

Two of our ladies designed Pudsey bear tops using plain white t-shirts and colourful fabric pens – one featuring modern-day Pudsey and the other, a classic version that older generations will remember.

Roanna says: “Sarah and Shannon made some lovely Pudsey t-shirts in aid of Children in Need day. Both were over the moon with how they turned out!”

CASE’s Got Talent

Hosted by: Mark and Sally

And finally, each `bubble` has nominated trainees to audition for our in-house talent show, CASE’s Got Talent ⭐ It was of course our take on Britain’s Got Talent – and involved trainees performing anything from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy! Mark and Sally will announce the winner later this week – so keep your eyes peeled.

Total money raised: £20


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