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Christmas craft ideas inspired by our very own CASE activity leaders

The 1st of December has passed – which means it’s officially the beginning of advent and, yes – the start of Christmas! To celebrate, we’ve put together a complete A-Z of Christmas craft ideas inspired by our CASE activity leaders – many of which are being tried and tested by our wonderful trainees as we speak. We hope you’ll enjoy recreating our Christmas craft ideas at home!

A is for advent calendar boxes

To make these colourful boxes to open each day, you’ll need coloured card, pom-poms, felt-tip pens, and stickers. Take a look at our decorative boxes.

B is for bauble

To design your own Papier-mâché bauble, you will need: 1 balloon (to inflate and then pop once your
Papier-mâché has dried), newspaper to wrap your inflated balloon in, flour and water for the Papier-mâché paste, then washable paints to decorate! Why not finish your bauble off with the first letter of your name?

C is for Christingle *supervision recommended

To craft your citrus candle decoration, you’ll need 1 satsuma or tangerine, 1 candle, some tin foil, cocktail sticks, sequins, or sweets to decorate. Remember to ask another adult to light and hold it for you.

D is for digital calendars

To make a digital month-by-month calendar, you’ll need access to a computer to save pictures from your favourite TV show, football team, or band; plus an online design tool called Canva.com.

E is for eggnog *supervision recommended **alcohol-free

To whip up decadent alcohol-free eggnog, you will need free-range eggs, caster sugar, whole milk, double cream (or dairy-free alternatives), and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Best blended!

F is for felt hanging decorations

For festive felt ornaments, you’ll need red and green felt, safety scissors, and ribbon to hang. Hook them over the branches of your Christmas tree and congratulate yourself on your handmade masterpiece!

G is for gingerbread man stuffie

To recreate our cute gingerbread man toy, you’ll need brown felt, safety scissors to cut his shape out, a black felt-tip pen to colour the eyes, nose and mouth, a needle and thread, and some cotton wool to stuff!

H is for hamper

To create a gift hamper, you’ll need 1 basket, small gifts, and a big ribbon. Arrange the contents inside the basket and finish by tying the ribbon around. Ta-da!

I is for icicle hanging decorations

These easy icicles use only tin foil, glitter glue, and a piece of thread to hang. Very quick, very pretty, and very little mess!

J is for jingle bells shortbread

Follow a classic shortbread recipe, flatten and shape the dough into circles, bake – and top silver icing (by mixing black and white together). Don’t forget to punch a little hole in the top of each cookie to add a red ribbon, if you’d like to!

K is for king’s crown

The royal family is a big part of Christmas traditions. To make a crown fit for a king (or queen, prince, or princess!) all you’ll need is yellow card, safety scissors to cut your crown into size and shape, tape to stick, and jewels to decorate. Why not add your name, too?

L is for lists

What would Christmas be without lists? All you need is writing paper, a pen, and ideas about what to ask Santa Claus for this year.

M is for mince pies for Santa *supervision recommended

Mince pies – no introduction needed! Just don’t forget to lay one out for Santa alongside a carrot and a mug of warm, gooey hot chocolate.

N is for nativity scene

Use animals, people, Christmas decorations, and cotton wool `snow` to make your own nativity scene. To make the backdrop, carefully unfold a cereal box, lay it flat, and decorate with washable paint sticks, felt tips, and stickers!

O is for ornaments with clay *supervision recommended

To make pretty Xmas ornaments, all you need is flour, salt, and food colouring. Mould it into your festive shape and bake in the oven. Once your ornament is cooled, use paints to decorate! Why not try a cute snowman?

P is for poems to hang above the fireplace

You’ll need sturdy card, writing paper, a pen, access to a computer to find pictures, and a printer to print them out.

Q is for quiz

Try writing a fun, simple quiz for your whole family to enjoy. You can create questions based upon your favourite Christmas movies, food, music, or Xmas in general! We’ve been enjoying quizzes this month at CASE.

R is for rhubarb crumble *supervision recommended

A hot festive dessert made with flour, butter, caster sugar, brown sugar, double cream, ginger, and of course… rhubarb! We currently have fresh rhubarb at Grow (our allotment), so we have been making good use of it in our crumbles. If you’re local to Hull, why not drop by and pick some rhubarb up from our expert growers?

S is for star tree topper

Shine bright with this star-shaped tree topper! You’ll need red card, safety scissors, glitter glue, and sequins for scattering.

T is for twig Christmas trees

Bring the frosty outdoors inside with these twiggy tree pics. You’ll need: Coloured card, twigs and branches picked from the garden or park, safety scissors, a ruler to measure your branches out, and water-based glue to stick!

U is for unwrap

…Or wrapping paper! Simply use a reel of brown paper and colourful felt-tip pens and stamps to make your own wrapping paper.

V is for vol-au-vent *supervision recommended

At CASE, we love to make pastry from scratch! But if you’re short on time, you can use Jus-Rol puff pastry which is just as good. Then, simply add any fillings you like – tuna, prawns, chocolate, and marshmallows – anything goes. Yummy!

W is for wreath making *supervision recommended

At CASE, we love to make wreaths out of gorgeous leaves and off-cuts from Grow (our allotment). Take a look at our Facebook page to see some examples and to find out what you’ll need!

X is for Xmas party snacks

Cakes, cookies, crisps – just make sure you include some fruit and sandwiches, too! Why not include some of the delicious baking you’ve done?

Y is for yule log *supervision recommended

A traditional choccie Christmas cake made with butter, sugar, salt, chocolate, vanilla extract, and topped with buttercream, candied leaves, and sprinkles. Here’s one we made earlier…

Z is for zig-zag paper penguins

To make these cute little guys, you’ll need black coloured paper (to fold over forwards, then fold over backward), white paper for the eyes and tummy, orange paper for his beak, and finally safety scissors and tape to cut & stick!

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