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Hello friends –

We’re officially in the run-up to the most wonderful time of year – Christmas! To say our trainees (and staff members, he he) have been excited is an understatement, and we’ve tried our best to fuel the fun further by unveiling Christmas surprises each and every day. But what hasn’t been surprising, though – is how eager everybody has been to get involved and help each other out – it sums up just how far our incredible bunch have come this year ☺️.

A little about our CASE Advent Calendar

To reward our hardworking trainees and to show them how much they are deeply valued – we came up with the CASE Advent Calendar (please see the pic attached!). This has been an important project for us and we appreciate the fact we have no restrictions on spending time together this year. From the Christmas tree light switch-on, to festive quizzes and a daily tuck trolley raffle – our trainees have got lots to look forward to!

Staff members at CASE have worked incredibly hard to make the calendar happen – including our `trolly dolly` and activities leader Tess and activities staff Angie, Allison, Deb, Glen, Jackie, Josh, Rachel, Roanna, and Sally. THANK YOU for your hard work and creativity – the trainees are going to thoroughly enjoy each day with you.

How you can follow our calendar

Our social media team will be sharing photos and updates every day throughout December. Our channels are as follows:

Facebook: facebook.com/casetraining 

Instagram: @casetraining

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/case-training-services 

Twitter: @CaseTraining

How you can get involved with our calendar 

The very best way you can get involved with the Advent Calendar – is to share, share, share! Whether that’s sharing our social media posts or telling your friends and family about it. Spreading awareness is key for us – the more the word gets out, the more help and support we have access to.

Oh! The fun we’ve got in store 

Our Advent Calendar kicked off with a Christmas tree light switch-on on Wednesday 1st, plus our raffle with brilliant prizes including a Lenovo Tablet and a big hamper. Take a look at our full Advent Calendar to find out what we are doing for the rest of the festive month!

All the best,

Mark, General Manager

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